DERG Electrical Services

Design, Supply, Install, Commission and Certify.

We provide a complete design service; we supply and install complete electrical installations; we fully test and commission all our installations.

DERG Main Areas of Business

Provided to our customers throughout Ireland

Our main area of business is the provision of electrical services to the pharmaceutical, medical device, biotechnology, power generation and general construction industry.

Company Vision

DERG Electrical Services Ltd

The company’s stated aim is to become a market leading provider of specialist electrical services in Ireland. We are experts in specialised site electrical infrastructure.

Electrical Infrastructure Design

We provide a complete design service for an electrical infrastructure including site survey, verification of existing services and provision of detailed drawings and calculations, all in full compliance with relevant regulations and standards.

Supply and Install

We supply and install complete electrical installations including boards and panels, primary and secondary containment, cable install and termination and installation of all electrical fittings and outlets.

Testing and Certification

We fully test and commission all our installations and we provide RECI certification on completion.